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Designer/Owner behind Little Blue Deer

I have been designing blogs, websites and brands for over 13 years, beginning with my very own blog, Little Blue Deer, which I started back in 2009.
I live in rural Vermont (literally, on a dirt road), and I am an avid long-distance runner, Nordic skier and golfer.  I also love reading, cooking, BBC murder mysteries and I have an encyclopedic knowledge of indie music.  I’m a Jeopardy! champion from the comfort of my couch, and I’m a hobby nature photographer.
Fun fact: You better believe my spice rack is alphabetized!
Please be advised I also work for several other agencies and this is something I do part-time.
I’m a private person, I don’t do the socials and I don’t like putting myself out there.  I’d rather stay out of the spotlight and let my clients shine.  I do lots of different things, this is just one of them.  So if you’re interested in learning more about what I can do for you and your brand…

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prequalifications + certifications

I am SAM-certified for U.S. government contracting as well as a Pre-Qualified Marketing Vendor for the State of Vermont.  Additionally I am an SBA-certified Woman Owned Small Business.

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